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The Jazzed Blues Beat Goes On...

"Assembly Lines" raises the bar on TrueFire's top-ranked "Jazzed Blues"video series from Mark Stefani. This innovative 2 CD-ROM sequel takes you on a sonic learning tour through the funky rhythm and blues stylings and fretboard concepts of top players like George Benson, Kenny Burrell and Grant Green.

Assembly Lines breaks down the 12-bar blues progression into logical sections and then builds your vocabulary of versatile jazzed blues phrases, which can played over I, IV and V-IV-I changes. Phrases are then twisted and turned rhythmically and harmonically so that you can apply them tastefully anywhere in a blues progression.

Once your vocabulary of phrases is up to snuff, you'll assemble the phrases into four full-chorus solos that will turn heads at the next session or jam. Assembly Lines is a must-have course for any serious student of blues and jazz guitar.


  Blues Lick Sample

  Jam Track Sample

  Mark: About the Blues

Standard notation and tab provided, plus twenty "Coach's Corner" articles by the author. To check out the original "Jazzed Blues" 4-CD set and other products by TrueFire, click here.



The Video Buzz...

What top professionals are saying about Jazzed Blues:

"Finally the importance of the blues in the jazz language is taught in this series by Mark Stefani. All guitarists will reap the rewards from Mark's timely contribution to jazz language for guitar."

- Henry Johnson/Jazz Guitarist

"If you're an aspiring student of jazz guitar at any level from intermediate to semi-professional, Mark Stefani's new Jazzed Blues video CDs are a must-have resource in your bag of learning tools.

As every seasoned jazz musician would confirm, the blues are the primary building block of the jazz language. I am especially impressed with this newly released product, as Mark's approach and delivery is consistent with my belief as to the way jazz guitar should be taught by teachers and learned by students - right to the point!"

- Robert Conti/Jazz Guitarist & Educator

Note: This is a "stand alone" product, so you don't need to be online, and you don't need a browser to use it. Runs on Windows or Macintosh computer systems.

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How to Order...

"Assembly Lines" is now discount-priced three ways: Instant Download, DATA-DVD, or a Combination (Instant Download + DATA-DVD). To order it through Truefire's secure server, choose an option and click below:

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