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"Robert Conti"


Vision Music presents, for your learning pleasure...

Licks 'n Tricks

by Robert Conti

Robert Conti Is Here...

Not just one, but an entire series of incredible lessons from a master jazz guitarist, based on his popular "Lick of the Month" collection, previously featured in Just Jazz Guitar!

To access individual Robert Conti lesson chapters, use the following links:



More from Mr. Conti...

Don't miss "Death by Chops!" on Vision Music's Special Spotlight page. This "rhythm changes" original is presented in full lesson format. Bonus jam track included!



February 2002 Cover Story...

We recently received permission from JJG to reprint the entire Robert Conti interview!

As you probably know, "The Interview" was conducted by Vision Music founder Mark Stefani, and is now available online. Ready for some "site-reading?" Click Here!



What They're Saying...

"A guitaristic TOUR-DE-FORCE, unerring technical command. We simply haven't heard guitar playing this good in years. Make no mistake, Conti is a monster musician who's got it all covered, a rediscovered genius!" -- Pete Welding, Guitar World Magazine.



"Conti is a musician of the highest order, a singularly gifted man who sets the standard by which others are judged!" -- Otto Gust, Time Is Records.


"Now that the smoke has cleared, it is plain to see that there's a new sheriff in town, his name is Conti, and he's Comin' On Strong! Very strong" -- Jim LaDiana, Just Jazz Guitar. Click here to read the full story ("The Power of Eight").


The 'Coach' on Robert Conti...

"What do I think of Robert Conti? Well, it doesn't surprise me one bit that legendary jazz guitarist Hank Garland was such a big fan of Conti's fine work, because the cream rises to the top, and in my mind there's not a better jazz guitarist in the world today than Robert Conti!"

-- Mark Stefani

Bonus! Check out "Blues for R.C." on Vision Music's Special Spotlight page, an Eb swing blues original by Mark Stefani, written as a personal tribute to Robert Conti.



An Amazing Series of Books...

If you're serious about elevating your jazz guitar playing, you owe it to yourself to discover Conti's extraordinary books:

SourceCode Books

The Jazz Lines

The Precision Technique


The Formula

The Assembly Line

Chord Melody Arrangements

To learn more about these books that will change your playing fast and forever, pay a visit to by clicking on the image above!


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