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The Purpose

"The Jazz Bassist: Blues, Bebop, & Beyond" is an exciting course for the evolving, creative-minded bassist. This wing of the correspondence program focuses on "real world" jazz tools, all aspects of what the ensemble bassist critically needs to successfully handle a variety of tunes and progressions. Check out some of the unparalled benefits and advantages:

With an appeal to both electric and upright bass players, "The Jazz Bassist" begins by using the swing blues vehicle to establish solid walks, riffs, and concepts important to the style, then moves into 16 and 32 bar jazz, bebop, and modal structures. This is an inspiring, challenging, fun course!

Introductory discount: Sign up now and get your first three lessons for the price of two! To hear the author performing some of the material/concepts taught in this course, click here. For more information about the lesson series, see below..

The Music

Timeless jazz standards like C Jam Blues, Billie's Bounce, Tenor Madness, Sugar, Thriving From A Riff, Take the A Train, So What, Ornithology, Freight Trane, Blue Monk, Pent-Up House, Oleo, The Theme, Mister P.C., The Work Song, Perdido, Tune-Up, Walkin', and many more.

The Artists

Legendary jazz influences like Ray Brown, Charlie Parker, Paul Chambers, Oscar Peterson, Ron Carter, John Coltrane, Sam Jones, Thelonius Monk, Keter Betts, Miles Davis, Rufus Reid, Horace Silver, Jaco Pastorius, Tommy Flanagan, Scott LaFaro, Duke Ellington, and others. Their tunes. Their walks. Their riffs. Their concepts.

The Lessons

Every lesson contains two to three related assignments, including a famous jazz tune arranged for bass. Each bass lesson also features a classic walk, transcribed riffs for improvising over changes (two-fives, turnarounds, etc), and "model" bass solos designed to help the student apply the language.

There are 24 lessons in the series, with an introductory discount (3 lessons for the price of 2) for new students. Lessons are sent on the 1st and 15th of each month, to your home address or via digital download. Your choice!

The Decision

If you've been fortunate enough during the course of your career to study with an inspiring teacher, you know that the benefits gained can be priceless. "One On One" brings that quality of instruction right to your doorstep. Why waste time?



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