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"Solo Guitar Talk"


For Your Listening Pleasure...

Solo Guitar Talk is yet another release in our popular Guitar Talk series. Listen in order or click on any track selection above.

"I like the bossas, especially Jobim, and this is excellent! I always liked that intro to Corcovado, and played a simple single line, but now you've made it better. I really feel the few tunes I can play have really improved with your arrangements and tips on how to go about it."

- Tom Zorbas

"I had my son listen to your delightful rendition of Black Orpheus on guitar. I'm always so taken with the beauty of your playing. I know a work of art is good when it excites emotion; when it stirs something inside a person. I listen to your playing over and over because I enjoy it and because I want to try and capture that same feeling in my own playing.

- Jimmy Myers

"Over the Rainbow and Round Midnight will become part of my permanent solo repertoire, and I will be proud to confess that I had learned these arrangements from an exceptional guitarist and teacher, Mark Stefani."

- Michael Cooke

"Beautiful arrangement of Both Sides Now. I think Joni Mitchell's open/alt tuning approach works very well for her vocal/stage presentation style. Your key choice has a big sound and flows like a vocal piece."

- Kenneth Babb

The recordings on this page are reflective of material taught in the Lessons by Mail program. See specific course info below.

- Mark Stefani










Guitar Solo: Instrumental Arrangements

Like what you hear? These tunes and the licks/concepts in the solos are all taught in our most popular blues guitar course, blending great standards with real-world language gleaned from decades of transcribing great blues (and jazz) improvisers.

Guitar Solo: Instrumental Arrangements is a multi-lesson course and an opportunity to study interactively with the author, at a price far less expensive than traditional private lessons. Program includes 24/7 support. To sign up today and take advantage of the special introductory discount (three lessons for the price of two):

Note: Talk is cheap in the music business. When you consider studying with someone or buying learning products, it's very important to do so with the confidence that the teacher or author can play as well as communicate his or her knowledge to the student, so keep that firmly in mind as you listen to the tracks on this page.


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