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"Still Talkin'"


For Your Listening Pleasure...

"Still Talkin'" is yet another mix of vocal narratives followed by tracks relevant to that topic. Listen in order or click on any selection. Enjoy!

"I know that you are one heck of a jazz guitar player, but this playing is incredible! You really have George's sliding around thing down followed by that double-time thing that he does. I just would swear that it was GB playing these lines, that's all!!!"

- Jim Hahn

"Great playing man!!! As Randy Jackson says: 'You are the bomb!' Skip the CD. You need to do a DVD one take live. Time for The Coach to be heard and SEEN!!! The world is ready!"

- Paul Getty

The tracks on this page are reflective of material taught in the Lessons by Mail program. Scroll to check out links to FREE sample lessons below, as well as an exciting new site addition.

Btw, the "The Soul Factor" solo above was used as the basis for our Assembly Lines video CD course. For info about all of our video courses, click here.

- Mark Stefani









Lesson Samples...

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Note: talk is cheap in the music business. When you consider studying with someone or buying learning products, it's very important to do so with the confidence that the teacher or author can play as well as communicate his or her knowledge to the student.



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