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"Wolf Marshall"


Vision Music presents, for your learning pleasure...

Must Know Jazz Licks

by Wolf Marshall

Wolf Marshall Is Here...

Founder of the original GuitarOne Magazine and one of the most versatile guitarists and instructors on the scene, transcriber extraordinaire Wolf Marshall joins our vision of sharing with several "Must Know Jazz Licks" from his popular book/CD series.


This Lesson and More...>

"Must Know Jazz Licks" is Wolf Marshall's debut within our Teacher Feature guest faculty, but it represents much more than just another high-quality lesson here at Vision Music. This was a rare opportunity to both showcase Wolf's passion for jazz music, and to have him collaborate with us in an exciting blend of our many years of collective music educational experience.

The lesson itself is an example of this blend, as eight superb licks from his popular book, each depicting an important era in jazz history, were dovetailed with existing resources from our Jam Central Station page. The result is something very special, as you will see and hear, and marks just the beginning of what will be a great future for Wolf Marshall and Vision Music!

- Mark Stefani



More About Wolf...

Wolf Marshall is a unique hybrid. He is internationally acclaimed as both a guitarist and a celebrity educator. Through his many products, Wolf has gained an enormous worldwide following and status usually accorded only to "famed players" in "name bands," and has been listened to on his releases by more aspiring fretboard enthusiasts than most so-called guitar heroes.

Marshall has been rightfully nicknamed the "Rich Little of Guitar." He is the leading impressionist in the industry; emulating, on record, the styles of the greats with unerring accuracy. And not only does he perform the most challenging licks and tricks of players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, and countless others on his best-selling book/CD packages, but he explains and demonstrates their special techniques and approaches to legions of guitar students and fans globally.

Recently Wolf teamed up with Riff Interactive ( to create an innovative multi-media guitar program for Paul Allen's EMP online project. Titled "The Lick Of The Day" this web-based series is in now available on three CD-ROM discs, and is further indictation of Wolf's far-reaching musical and educational aims.

For Wolf's book information and endorsements from top professionals, see below. For his full history and list of credits, visit his website:



Author's Notes (from Hal Leonard)...

Wolf Marshall is the pre-eminent guitar educator-performer of our time. The founder and original editor-in-chief of GuitarOne magazine, he is a highly-respected and prolific author and columnist who has been an influential force in music education since the early 1980s.

Wolf has worked closely with Hal Leonard Corporation for the past decade, authoring such highly-acclaimed multimedia books as "The Guitar Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan," Blues Guitar Classics," "The Beatles Favorites," "The Beatles Hits," "The Rolling Stones," "The Best of Carlos Santana," "Guitar Instrumental Hits," "Steve Vai: Alien Love Secrets," "Eric Clapton Unplugged," "Eric Johnson," "The Guitars of Elvis," "Aerosmith 1973-1979 and Aerosmith 1979-1998," "Mark Knopfler," "The Best of Queen," "The Best of Cream," and many more.

His eight-volume series, "The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method" and "Power Studies" established new standards for modern guitar pedagogy in the early 1990s, as did his "Guitar Jammin'" authentic song books. Marshall's more recent releases include "B.B. King - The Definitive Collection," "The Best of Jazz Guitar," "The Best of Wes Montgomery, "The Best of George Benson," and "The Best of Charlie Christian."

In "101 Must Know Jazz Licks," and its predecessor "101 Must Know Blues Licks," Wolf directs his encyclopedic knowledge of modern guitar music at a unique series designed to improve the vocabulary of all guitarists.


Where to Find Them...

"Sheet Music Plus" carries the complete line of Wolf Marshall's exciting and highly-valuable books.

To check them out or buy online, click here or above!



Book Endorsements...

Because of the "jazzy" nature of Wolf's lesson, we'd like to share some terrific feedback on a recent release in this genre ("Best of Jazz Guitar"). You'll recognize some great names!


"Diversity of styles and ideas make this book/CD very valuable for serious players who, in the future, will be better equipped to create styles and ideas by their knowledge of what has been created in the past."

- Johnny Smith


"This is truly an amazing masterpiece. I had to do a double take on "All the Things You Are" - it sounded so much like me! I am very impressed and touched at the same time, and I would recommend all guitarists buy this book/CD. Thank you, Wolf, for carrying the torch!"

- Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland


"I've been extremely stimulated by Wolf Marshall's transcriptions since the early '70s, and as always, they continue to embrace the forefront of modern jazz guitar theory. It is a pleasure as well as an honor to be added to these current studies."

- Pat Martino


"This is a wonderful undertaking -- a good selection of music well-played. To hear and study all the jazz guitar greats of yesterday and today will be of immense value to all players."

- Herb Ellis


"Wolf has presented some of the greatest jazz guitar performances ever recorded for us to study up close. This book/CD should be part of every guitarist's library."

- Henry Johnson


"Wolf has captured all the nuances of the great jazz guitarists to make this book/CD a vital tool for learning jazz vocabulary. I wish it had been around when I was learning!"

- Jimmy Bruno


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