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"Member Feedback"



(The Next Best Thing to Being There)


What New Members Are Saying...

Talk is cheap in the music business. Nevertheless, the following endorsements from new Lessons by Mail members (three lessons or less) should give you a good idea of how effective LBM can be.



Great material!! I'm really having a good time with it! This last lesson is going great! Man I just love that "Wes Lives" thing!

- Jim Hahn (CA)


Received the first lesson Friday. I am highly impressed! Your positive, well organized method really is one to one... thank you. I think I finally have found the coach I've been looking for. Mark, watch me develop. I know it is going to happen... I feel it. I am prepared to do the work. YES!!!!!!!!!!

- Ross Hamilton (Australia)


I must say, it's a breath of fresh air to come across a teacher as organized as yourself and I can see that you have put a lot of time and effort into it. If I had come across a teacher like you ten years ago I could have learned things a lot more efficiently than I did. Music is going great, in fact it's never been better.

- Mark McGrath (Ireland)


I want to say that I think we are going to hit it off! I really liked your acoustic demo section on the tape. Some very cool playing. My wife also liked your playing a lot. It's nice to know that you have a solid background in classical guitar as well as jazz.

- Alan Wedin (AZ)


Thanks for the lesson - I'm digging the tunes! I ran through the song a few times, and tried the first Stevie Ray riff. Great stuff! You seem to give me just enough information to help me find out the theory I need, without giving it away. This is really helpful. I continue to learn the fretboard a bit more each time.

- Mike Whalen (WA)


I'm thrilled so far. Your material seems great and your response time and level of attention is fantastic. So thanks for everything so far and I look forward to working on the next lesson.

- Pete Krivcov (NJ)


Well I finally found a jazz teacher. Why is it so hard to find good jazz teachers? I'm having a blast with the blues jazz progression. This is great stuff. Having a great time. I started to check out this new guitar and was playing a song I put together from the licks and progression from your first lesson. After I was done I heard a voice from behind me saying 'Nice jazz young man.'

- Jim Falk (FL)


I immensely appreciate the personalized approach you are taking -- the lengths to which you go to make these lessons a fruitful experience can be felt in every single word. I can feel the inspiration already.

- Wilfred Preinfalk (Austria)


Lesson #2 arrived yesterday. I love it! I haven't been this motivated in years. 'The Sweet Alice Blues' just kills. It is just what I needed to help with practicing the standard jazz blues progression. All in all, Mark, I can say that your approach to teaching, and the methods you use, are just what I've been looking for. I wish our paths had crossed twenty years ago. I am having more fun with music than I've had in a long time.

- Michael Seay (CA)


I received my first lesson yesterday and I just want to let you know I am pleased. I didn't expect the lessons to be personalized. I have seen examples of other "through the mail lessons" and they are nothing more than off the shelf, one size fits all, commercialized packages.

- Michael Schrinel (VA)


I'm very satisfied with the current direction you've taken with the lessons. This third lesson is "smokin!"

- Jim Rutkowski (NJ)


Thanks Coach! I stayed up late on Friday to learn the 'C Jam Blues.' Wow I am playing chords on the bass in lesson #1!!! Pretty cool. I listened to the tape; I appreciate the personal touch on side A. Your guitar playing was beautiful. You definitely like a variety of music, like me. I think you hit the nail on the head with guessing my skill level. These lessons were 'just enough' challenging.

- John Anderson (IL)


I received the lesson yesterday and played through it last night. I was impressed with your conscientiousness and the quality of your materials. I liked the samples of your playing a lot. I feel very good about these lessons so far and can't wait to see what comes next! The care and effort you take in making your tapes and transcriptions is apparent - they are the finest materials of this type I have seen.

- Kevin Langdon (CA)


Well, the jury is in. Your first lesson is all I had hoped for and more. It is an excellent combination of a challenging jazz guitar arrangement, music theory, technique suggestions, and quality presentation.

- Mark Davis (NC)



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