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About the Vision Music Store...

Vision Music now presents an exciting line of unique learning products, including high-quality transcribed licks from great artists, bass lines from the popular Jam Central Station page, interactive lessons, special CD offers, books, and more.

This is the main store directory page, where you can choose a product of specific interest to your current needs, learn about it, view the available selections, then place your credit card order through our secure server. You can also place orders by conventional mail.

Product samples have been added to our most popular product lines below. Although the quality at Vision Music speaks for itself, you can now see and hear before you buy!



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Lessons by Mail

Swing Blues

Rhythm & Blues

Guitar Solo

Jazz Bassist

Monster Solos

Jazz Solos

Hot Licks

Bass Lines

Four On Six

Visual Guitar

Jazzed Blues

Assembly Lines

Chord Melody


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Lessons by Mail

One On One: Lessons by Mail is your opportunity to study privately with the author of Vision Music, with lessons mailed right to your home twice a month. Affordable & fun.


Guitarists and/or Bassists

Four inspiring courses to choose from, a great introductory special (3 lessons for the price of 2), and a moneyback guarantee. Everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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Monster Guitar Solos

Monster Guitar Solos is a powerful collection of transcribed solos, with the aspiring blues/jazz-oriented guitarist in mind.


Blues, Jazz, & Beyond


Mark Stefani

These solos, like those in our popular GVJS series (see below) are based on the language and concepts of monster players steeped in traditional rhythm & blues and jazz. Why waste time? Learn from the best!

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Good Vibes Jazz Solos

Good Vibes Jazz Solos is our popular innovation in jazz education, an inspiring series of hot jazz solos based on tracks from our JCS page. Includes FREE resources for all improvisers.


Guitarists and All Players

These solos are based on the core language of such jazz legends as George Benson, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, and many others.

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Smokin' Riffs for Your Solos

Plug 'n Play Hot Licks is an exciting series for the aspiring improviser, regardless of style. Learn some of the greatest lines that you could possibly imagine from artists like George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Robben Ford, Tom Scott, and others, all distilled from original note-for-note solos, then compiled into "easy to learn and apply" collections.


- Transcribed Solo Highlights -

Put these unique, completely flexible ideas to use immediately in your blues, jazz, rock, latin, country, or gospel solos, plus you can test them out with the JCS "house" band!

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Great Bass Lines

JCS Bass Lines is a unique series of top-quality bass charts transcribed directly from the highly popular Jam Central Station page, presented in standard notation and tablature.


Swing Blues - Bebop - Rhythm & Blues

Learn classic walks and powerful rhythm & blues cover bass lines, then take your brand new knowledge over to the JCS page and work out with Vision Music's "virtual" band!

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Four On Six

Four On Six: Walking Bass for Jazz Guitar is a powerful collection of comping arrangements for guitarists and/or bassists.


Walking Bass for Jazz Guitar


Mark Stefani

In this series, classic walking lines by jazz bass legends are combined with solid chord voicings in a fun, easy to learn eBook format, using standard notation, tablature, and custom fretboard diagrams.

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Visual Guitar Trainer

Visual Guitar Trainer is our latest lesson product series, and an exciting, major breakthrough in the world of guitar education.



Vision Music & SF Guitar Schools

The VGT multimedia player combines standard notation, tablature, and a slick animated fingerboard to teach styles ranging from blues and jazz to fingerstyle acoustic guitar, technical studies, and more.

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Jazzed Blues Video Lessons

Jazzed Blues is an exciting learning product, co-developed by Vision Music and TrueFire.


Great Guitar Licks


Jam Tracks

Learn hot licks by George Benson, Kenny Burrell, and other great players in this innovative course, featuring split-screen video, standard notation & tab, and much more!

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Chord-Melody Video Lessons

Chord Melody Cafe is our latest innovation, co-developed by Vision Music and TrueFire.


Solo Guitar Arrangements


Mark Stefani

Fifteen popular arrangements for solo guitar, presented on 4 CDs containing EIGHTY video lessons, standard notation, Power Tab, and more. Bonus fifth audio CD included.

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Tenderly features some of the greatest song classics of all time: Misty, Autumn Leaves, Summertime, The Girl From Ipanema, Tenderly, Someday My Prince Will Come, The Shadow of Your Smile, My Funny Valentine, and many others.


Dennis Marcellino - Mark Stefani

It sold over 40,000 copies in its first year, has been featured on National TV, was voted 23rd out of the Top 100 Jazz Recordings of the Year by a prominent jazz radio station in New York, and received a stellar five-star review in Jazzscene Magazine!

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Recommended Listening

CD Recordings is a very popular addition to Vision Music. Check out this great resource, packed with terrific releases from legendary jazz and blues artists! Wes, Benson, Burrell, and many more...


The 'Blue Side' of Jazz and Beyond

If you like blues and blues-influenced jazz and rock, but don't know which recording to buy first, your search is over! Let us make life much easier for you through this valuable page.

Click Here for Artists and Recordings



Suggested Reading & Viewing

Books & Videos is yet another cool Vision Music feature. Great instructional books authored by well-known educators, plus learning and performance videos in both VHS and DVD formats!


The Best in Reading and Viewing

Why take a chance on buying just "any" book or video on the market? We've carefully selected titles based on over three decades of instructional experience. Save your time and your money.

Click Here for Books and Videos



Looking for Something Special?

Get your FREE trial copy of Transcribe! - the ultimate in learning software. For the world's largest source of sheet music, books, and tabs, visit Sheet Music Plus today!

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