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"Lessons by Mail"



(The Next Best Thing to Being There)


Frequently Asked Questions About "One On One"...


Sounds good, but can correspondence lessons really be effective for me?

You bet! If a good instruction book (or video) that you purchase can have a positive effect on your playing, imagine what it would be like to actually be studying from the "author" of that book, watching the "living chapters" come to life in a highly personal, interactive relationship. Some will understandably question the value of "Lessons by Mail" when compared to typical private lessons, but you can tell from the member comments that there's really no comparison at all. Between the "real-world" lesson material, round-the-clock support from a responsive coach, and the extensive site resources designed to complement the program, you have a winning combination that can't be beat.

Ironically, thanks to the technology of today, "One On One" is almost a throwback to yesterday, when the teacher came to YOUR house to give you lessons!



You use the word "interactive" a lot. How is this accomplished with each student?

Simple. Each "One On One" member has the option to interact with me to any degree desired. In the simplest scenario, a student just informs me of his/her current course of interest. I'm available to answer questions at all times, and the student can send me tapes or MP3 files of their performance for critique. Students can also choose to be even more interactive by sending me their arrangements, original song ideas, transcriptions, and band recordings as a partial basis for the direction of the lessons.



Are there any limits whatsoever on the amount of lessons I can receive?

Yes. The maximum number of lessons that you can receive per month is currently two. Regular members are sent lessons on the first and fifteenth of each month, providing them with critical continuity and the equivalent of taking four typical private lessons in the same time period. You are, of course, under no obligation to become a regular member or to complete a chosen course.



Are there any other advantages of the program that you haven't mentioned?

Absolutely! For starters, consider the travel-time, money, and energy expended just to see a private instructor on a regular basis. And you generally have to adapt to his schedule, not yours. If this means receiving a lesson at the end of a long work day, when you're mentally exhausted and not at your musical best, you usually have no choice in the matter. Additionally, students generally have a tougher time performing while "on the spot" in a private lesson situation. Whether this is due to any nervousness or the above-mentioned circumstances is a moot point, because with "Lessons by Mail" the student is in complete control of the learning environment. Finally, each "One On One" lesson is based solely on your stylistic desires and needs. You're no longer at the mercy of a universal method book, or an incompetent teacher who only cares about making money!



Will weak sight-reading affect my ability to absorb the lesson material?

No. Every "One On One" lesson edition comes with an audio CD, featuring a highly-detailed demonstration and personal explanation of the assignment. Because of my background as a music publisher, each student also receives extensive documentation to accompany the CD, almost always with tablature and/or graphic fretboard diagrams in addition to the standard music notation. Learning couldn't be easier!



What are your strengths and general background as a guitar/bass instructor?

Thirty-five years of experience teaching music full-time. I enjoy covering a broad range of styles and individuals. I grew up playing rock and popular music, and love the blues. I learned about jazz from my late father (trombonist Roy Stefani), and studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco. Nothing gives me more pleasure than using my communication skill to share my musical knowledge with others!



Are You Ready?

If you've been fortunate enough during the course of your career to study with a truly inspiring teacher, you know that the benefits gained can be priceless. "Lessons by Mail" brings that quality of instruction right to your doorstep! So why waste time?



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