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Why Waste Time? Learn from the Best!

Live near Portland? If you do, we have great news! Vision Music's Mark Stefani has begun to accept private students once again, albeit on a limited basis. For more info about our site founder, click here. Mark also recently joined forces with his wife, Janice, in piloting an exciting after-school program for young kids with an interest in learning to play guitar.

In addition to all of the above, we are very pleased to introduce and to refer five of the top performing guitarists and vocalists in the Portland area, as part of our professional team of educators, offering inspiring and affordable private lessons that dovetail with the extensive learning resources at our website. These talented players are some of Mr. Stefani's finest students, so they come highly recommended. Scroll for contact info below.



First Time at Vision Music?

New to our site? If so, you are in for a real treat! Vision Music features over 900 pages of inspiring resources for the evolving player, including online interactive lessons, jam tracks, original song compositions, valuable articles, and much more.

Visit the Home Page or the Site Tour page to "see" what you've been missing. Enjoy!



Welcome Byrom School Students & Parents!

Bryom Elementary School (Tualatin) is the site of our brand new after school guitar lesson program. We are conducting classes on Wednesday afternoons, from 2:40 to 3:40 PM. It's an 11-week course in basic guitar, starting on September 29th, and finishing on December 15th. There will be no class given on October 20th.

The primary mission of this course is to provide a fun-filled learning experience for your child. The course covers basic chords for accompaniment, scales, note-reading, theory, and simple songs (Folk, Christmas, Rock, Blues, etc).

Mark and Janice, both Tualatin residents, bring many years of pro teaching experience to this program. Byrom was the logical choice for the location. Besides living close by, their youngest daughter, Gina, plays guitar and graduated from the school. Her sister, Francesca, also went to Byrom and now attends high school.

In the mid-eighties they performed as "Just the Two of Us" in the SF Bay Area. More recent family photos are on the right.

If you have any questions regarding the program, instrument rentals, etc, you can contact Mark or Janice via email at, or by phone at (503) 692.1356.



The Rest of Our Team...

Ready to learn? If Mark is unavailable for private lesson instruction, we strongly suggest any of the following teachers. For private lesson prices, studio locations, and current schedules, use the information below to contact them via telephone or email:

Robbie Laws is the blues pride and joy of the great Pacific Northwest, and has earned more awards than any other artist in the area. A fine vocalist as well as a guitarist, he's a superb instructor.

(503) 760-4439 | | website

A.G. Donnaloia specializes in jazz guitar, and is one of the most sought-after musicians in that genre. A rising talent and fine composer, A.G. can be found working in multiple venues with a variety of top bands.

(503) 872-9613 |

Kenny Lavitz is one of the hardest-working performers and instructors in the Portland area. His energetic style is eclectic, blending blues, rock, jazz, and pop on both the electric and acoustic guitar.

(503) 657-7726 | | website

Don Mitchell brings a lot to the table. Fine jazz guitarist, excellent instrumental arranger, and one of Portland's best vocalists. Equally adept on both acoustic as well as electric guitar, he has a great deal to offer any player.

(503) 684-3002 || website

Dave Gill is one of the area's best-kept secrets. A skilled graphic artist by trade, he has a passion for blues, jazz, and the guitar that is obvious to anyone who hears him play. Very knowledgeable instructor.

(503) 235-3001 |


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