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"Theory Town"



Welcome to "Theory Town"...

"Theory Town" is an group of theoretical reference lessons for the evolving guitarist and bassist, including key signatures, the cycle of fifths, chord construction, fingerboard charts, tuning lessons, and more. "Essential" information. Have fun!



Fingerboard Chart for Guitar or Bass. Graphic illustration of a 20-fret fingerboard, with all natural tones, flats and sharps clearly indicated. Solid note memorization tips.
Note & Rest Symbols. All common note & rest symbols (whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth), with a metronome track. Valuable lesson for players new to sight-reading.
Chord Construction. Two tables that plainly spell out the chord tones present in three 'families' of chords (triads, sixths, & sevenths). A "must-know" for any arranger.
Key Signatures & Cycle of Fifths. Reference chart containing the twelve key signatures and the essential cycle (circle) of fifths/fourths. Includes practical memorization tips.
Sight-Reading Tools for Guitar or Bass. Standard notation and TAB explained, plus all common guitar/bass symbols (bars, slurs, fingering, chord diagrams, picking, etc).
Tuning the Guitar or Bass. Tune your guitar or bass with this valuable website addition, which includes a narrative on how to tune, plus tuner recommendations. Check it out!

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