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"Jimmy Bruno"


Vision Music presents, for your learning pleasure...

Using Outside Tones

by Jimmy Bruno

Meet Jimmy Bruno...

A man who's very name defines the essence of spirited, bebop jazz guitar, Jimmy Bruno's "Using Outside Tones" will open your eyes and ears to just how effectively his concepts can generate the language. Note: this lesson was originally published in the August, 2001 issue of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.


Personal Comments...

It is my great pleasure and honor to officially welcome jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno to Vision Music! Besides Jimmy's obvious talent as a player and formidable ability as an educator, he was one of the first well-known artists to recognize, support, and endorse the efforts here, even in the very early stages of site development several years ago.

There are great players everywhere you turn, but Jimmy is a terrific person as well. I remain very grateful for his ongoing support, and hope that creating a presence for him at Vision Music will serve as a permanent testament to what he brings to the jazz table!

-- Mark Stefani



The Profile...

Jimmy Bruno is hardly a kid. Born in Philadelphia on July 22, 1953, he got involved with the guitar through his father, who was on Frank Virtue and the Virtues' '59 hit "Guitar Boogie Shuffle." At 19, Jimmy toured with Buddy Rich and then worked in Las Vegas. Eventually he made his way to L.A., where he pursued studio work and recorded with the great Tommy Tedesco. But when his career didn't gel as expected, he returned to Philly to consolidate his talents and focus on his first love, straight-ahead jazz.

Today finds Jimmy a long way from the days when he kicked around Los Angeles with little more than a guitar and dream. A Concord Jazz artist since 1992, Bruno has affirmed his status as one of the world's leading jazz guitarists. His trademarks? Brilliant technique coupled with a seemingly bottomless well of improvisational ideas, of course.

Maybe George Benson said it best: "Maaann!"



The Recordings...

Jimmy has a solid history of superb CD recordings, several of which are available for purchase directly from his website. Access his online store at

"Midnight Blue" (shown above) is one of Mr. Bruno's latest releases. Order your copy today!


Books, Transcriptions, More...

Also available from Jimmy at his online store:


for the Jazz Guitarist



Jimmy Bruno Transcriptions

To purchase Jimmy Bruno books, transcriptions, and videos click on the images above.



A Tribute from "The Coach"...

"Inside Out" is an original swing blues that was composed by Mark Stefani and dedicated to Jimmy Bruno, in respect for his fine playing and in gratitude for his support. Enjoy!


Just Jazz Guitar...

"Using Outside Tones" was reprinted by permission from Mr. Bruno and Ed Benson, Publisher of JJG Magazine. For a hardcopy version of the lesson, you can order the August 2001 edition and/or subscribe (recommended) from

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