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"Teacher Feature"



Expanding the Vision of Sharing...

"Teacher Feature" is one of the most exciting additions to Vision Music, where top musicians and instructors from around the world have taken the generous initiative to participate in the "vision" of sharing their knowledge with you, for FREE! What does this mean for you?

Simple. Why waste time? Learn from the best! They're right here at Vision Music. Enjoy!



And now, Vision Music proudly presents...


Hank Garland

George Benson

Robert Conti

Dennis Marcellino

Steve Laury

Robbie Laws

Joe Diorio

Joe Giglio

David Tanenbaum



More Guitar Virtuosos...

Jimmy Bruno

Muriel Anderson

Ulf Wakenius

Chris Standring



Meet Our Newest Members...


Henry Johnson

Wolf Marshall

Liona Boyd



Coming Soon to Teacher Feature...


Bruce Forman

Jeff Linsky

Stevan Pasero

Ralph Grasso

Pat Martino

Eddie Duran

Sheryl Bailey

Eric Nemeyer

Adam Nitti



Inspiration is a Two-Way Street...

When I launched this website in the loving memory of my late parents several years ago, I never imagined the positive impact that it would have on fellow players the world over. But there have also been many professionals who have been so moved by the inspiration of Vision Music that they've expressed a desire to join forces with me, creating what will surely be an experience unlike any that the music education community has ever seen!

In the future you're going to witness more amazing lessons via the "Teacher Feature" site addition, but I just want to offer a deep, personal thanks to the artists already involved for their generosity in sharing their formidable knowledge through Vision Music.

I was honored to have Robert Conti as the first teacher to "team up" with me, and now with the others joining the "faculty" and so many world-class players on the way?

Stay tuned, because you just won't believe what you're going to "see" at Vision Music!



For Aspiring Jazz Improvisers...


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