Vision Music's Online Newsletter for March 2012

Greetings once again from Vision Music! This month we feature a new album release, video lesson updates, and hot additions to our popular solo series. Read on...

Blues, Jazz, & Beyond is here! This is just the first in what will be a series of digital download albums representing powerful blues, jazz, latin, and groove-based classics and originals recorded by guitarist and educator Mark Stefani over the past 5-6 years.

This exciting release consiste of 10 memorable takes on standards such as Impressions, All Blues, Just Friends, Meditation. Unit Seven, Round Midnight, I'll Remember April, Tenor Madness, Sunny, and Lady Bird.

If you dig fat-sounding octaves, hard-swing and blues in your jazz, with influences that range from Wes Montgomery to George Benson, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, Pat Martino, Hank Garland, John Coltrane and others, you owe it to yourself to check this one out!

Talk may be cheap, but hearing is believing, so click here or on the image to your left to listen to sample tracks, plus read 5-star reviews from top professionals, instructors, publishers and others.

The Sound Thinking Video Lessons beat goes on! We are presenting a brand new release, this time focusing on a classic II-V-I lick courtesy of jazz guitar legend, Tal Farlow.

You might be aware of just how valuable these kinds of licks are for any aspiring player who wishes to navigate changes, with the conviction based on core language. This slick move can be used in countless progressions, ranging from swing blues to complex jazz tunes. You can even tweak the phrasing and double-time it for use in slow blues, latin tunes, funky grooves, etc.

To access this lesson edition and many others in our innovative video-within-a-score format, click here. or on the image to the right.

Our video lessons, covering blues, jazz, acoustic solo guitar, and bass, also appears at YouTube. To visit Vision Music's channel at their website, click here.

Our Monster Guitar Solos are the ultimate solution for those who wish to learn powerful language from great players through the eyes of actual tunes, then use the licks in a wide variety of scenarios.

There are now 56 hot solos titles to choose from, each one presented in a beautiful ebook with standard notation, tab, and an mp3 audio file. You'll learn more from one MGS edition then you will from months of private lessons! To check out all of the available releases in this series, click here. Choose one for FREE when you join our site.

Question Mark...

What About Groove or Modal Tunes?

I've always had an affinity for groove-based progressions, modal tunes, vamps, montunos, etc, when it comes to improvising and composing. What's interesting is that a lot of traditional jazz guitarists are so accustomed to playing over changes that they purposely avoid tunes with a static harmony. I think it's the saxy blues side of my personality mixed with what I admire most about guitarists like George Benson that contributes to how much I enjoy blowing over a simple one or two-chord vamp. Phrasing and the use of percussive dynamics with repetitions are critically important in this style.

New "Ask the Coach" feature! Got questions about what you're practicing and how you're spending your time in order to achieve your goals? We've got great answers, tips, and solutions for you, based on decades of teaching experience. And the best part? It's FREE (no strings attached ;-). To email your questions: click here.


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