Hi! I put this page together with one purpose in mind: to invite you over for a brief tour of where the "Coach" lives and works. My local students used to make this trip each week, so the sights below were nothing new for them. But if a picture does indeed "say a thousand words," this page may succeed in bringing us closer together. With that in mind, let's begin the tour...

Vision Music is located in Tualatin, Oregon, a small Pacific Northwest suburb located approximately 12 miles south of Portland.

This is where the "Coach" and his family decided to move back in the Summer of 1994, after 43 years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. As you can see, Tualatin sports a small population, and has a great community, ideal for raising a family.

This has literally been a "field of dreams" for yours truly. Simply a great place to live!

To the right is our first home, and the home of Vision Music, tucked away in a tree-filled cul de sac at the end of Siuslaw ("sigh-you-slaw") Lane.

The house, although large, is obviously obscured by the trees. I always wanted to live in a green environment, and Oregon has more trees per capita than any other state.

Yes, we do have our share of rain, but I'll take the wet trade-off for the beautiful scenery anytime.

Speaking of which... how's this for the view across the street?

When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, our favorite places to frequent were Marin and Sonoma Counties, Santa Cruz, and of course the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I stop to realize where we live. Peaceful. Serene. Perfect for artistic creativity.

Hey, where's that infamous Oregon grey sky that we're noted for? Not today!

Let's talk music! To the right is Studio A, where I once recorded master lessons for the popular "One On One: Lessons by Mail" program. Most of my business and site development was often done in this studio early on.

The guitars visible are a vintage Gibson Super 400 in the foreground, and a "first-year" Ibanez GB-10 in the corner.

Lots of racked gear below the computer (Power Mac) and various peripherals.

In the adjoining room we have Studio B, where personal dialogues for members were often recorded, courtesy of a Roland VS880 (for mixing).

This is also where I practice and record my acoustic, nylon-string guitars. On the stand is a Takamine ES132SC, while in the corner is a Madrid 1970 Paulino Bernabe classical.

Not shown is a Padulla 4-string bass and another computer (a Mac, of course), and even more recording gear.

My Studio C is located downstairs, where I spent time teaching a terrific, talented group of local students a couple of days a week.

In those days I had a 2-year waiting list in the Portland area. I called this group the "Sweet Sixteen," and with good reason. Many perform regularly in popular venues.

Notice the ancient Atari 1040 ST computer towards the left. It was anything but a "doorstop" back then, providing a MIDI band for some smokin' jam sessions!

Well, that's about it for the "nickel tour" of Vision Music.

I hope these pictures and comments have succeeded in making you feel a little bit closer to being a face-to-face student. After all, nowadays the world seems like such a smaller place, thanks in large part to the web.

Hey, if you're ever in my neck-of-the-woods, stop on by. I can promise you the best coffee and guitar playing in Tualatin! Happy trails...

You've met the Coach. You've seen Vision Music. Now MEET THE TEAM!

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