I'd like you to meet some of the Coach's Team a terrific group of players that I've had the great pleasure of working with over the years. Despite the fact that my students are always "thanking their lucky stars" that our paths have crossed, I'm the one who's truly grateful, because without their hard work and dedication to match mine, I'd be nothing as a coach! Let's start with...

The "Hall of Fame"

Madison "Matt" Bland

Matt's my senior student and longtime buddy. He's a superb guitarist, in the spirit of Wes, George Benson, Kenny Burrell, and many others. Matt should be pretty good. We've been together for over 30 years now! You can imagine the challenge I face to continually come up with new, inspiring material for this fine player. Love ya, man!

Email: mgj351@sbcglobal.net

Frank Bohan

In the San Francisco Bay Area he's known as Freeway Frank," and what a guitar player this man is! Frank has studied with me for well over 20 years, and I've never met a harder working, more determined individual. Frank brings his considerable blues prowess to the hot Zydeco Flames. Catch him!

Website: www.zydecoflames.com

Jason Stewart

A terrific guitarist in the tradition of Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, and many others, Jason and I first hooked up in the mid-seventies. In the past 20+ years he's been a faithful guitar student, and has developed an outstanding reputation and following in the Bay Area. Great guy and a great player!

Email: jasonrossi@earthlink.net

Stevan Pasero

Now a world-renowned acoustic guitarist, Stevan studied with me almost 20 years ago, but his talent and dedication quickly led to us performing together. Stevan's success as the founder of Sugo Music is an amazing story all on its own. In one of life's "cosmic" events, he signed his old mentor and longtime friend to a record deal in 1995.

Website: www.sugomusic.com

Freeman Chee

We went to high school together in San Francisco, where Freeman helped inspire me to take up the guitar. 18 years later, in a pure twist of irony, he saw my career spotlighted in Guitar Player Magazine and contacted me for lessons. A sweet person and an excellent guitarist!

Contact: (415) 642.1227

Hank Hadeed

A superb jazz and blues guitarist, Hank is the only member of the team to make both the "Hall of Fame" and the "Local All-Stars", as he studied with me for several years in the Bay Area before moving to Portland himself. I've never met a more articulate student of music. Dedicated, versatile, and a great guy!

Email: hvh@hanaela.com

Doug Martin

A fine, eclectic bassist with a thorough background in sight-reading and theory, Doug has long been one of my best students and friends. Like the Coach, he was blessed with two beautiful daughters late in life, so we have much in common besides music. Need a great bass player? Doug's your man!

Email: doug@doug-martin.com

John Logiudici

Another tremendous guitar talent from the Bay Area, John and I have been together for many, many years. He has a broad range of style, and is equally adept at both the nylon string classical and archtop electric. A great family man, John has long been one of the Coach's biggest supporters!

Contact: (415) 285.3119

Paige Smith

One of the most dedicated bassists that I've ever met, our paths crossed almost 25 years ago. Paige started on electric before seriously taking up the acoustic bass. I've played with him many a time, including some memorable jam sessions with my late father. You'll never meet a nicer guy than Paige!

Email: paigeas@home.com

Paul Stefani

The "Hall of Fame" couldn't be complete without my youngest brother. Paul is a stellar guitarist and a fine teacher, with a thorough classical guitar background and a broad range of playing styles. Like his older brother, he maintains an excellent website. Pop would be proud of you too, bro!

Website: www.pdsmusic.com

The Local "All-Stars"

Robbie Laws

The blues "pride & joy" of the Pacific Northwest for about as long as anyone can remember. A phenomenal guitarist and one of the sweetest guys you'd ever want to meet, we crossed paths shortly after I arrived in the Portland area back in 1994. Robbie calls his coach "the greatest guitar player I know". What a compliment from a monster player!

Profile: Robbie Laws

Dave Gill

This brilliant, creative artist and musician might be the most soulful guitarist that I've ever coached! It was Dave, the man I call the "graphics genius", who came up with the Vision Music "eye chart" logo. This guy is so knowledgeable, yet humble to a fault about his considerable talents. I hope you get the chance to hear him!

Email: gill0402@comcast.net

Don Mitchell

A terrific jazz guitarist and vocalist, Don hooked up with me back in 1994, shortly after we had moved here. Don performs solo and teaches locally, and is especially adept at combining his ability to arrange for fingerstyle guitar with his formidable singing voice. Wow, what a combination! Like so many of my students, Don's star is on the rise!

Site: www.donmitchell.us


Born Andriano Giuseppe Donnaloia, this man is quickly making believers out of everyone who hears him. At just 24 years old, he's the fastest-rising jazz guitarist that I've ever worked with! A.G. is a great guy, has an incredible attitude and passion for jazz, and is an inspiration to all of us "old-timers". Believe in past lives? Wes lives!

Contact: (503) 872.9613

Greta Yin

I affectionately refer to her as "The Blues Gal!" Greta packs her love for the blues into every moment that she plays the guitar. She's one of my hardest working students, and that dedication is clearly paying off, as more and more admirers are catching on. I told Greta to play with "conviction". She listened, and now I've got to keep up with her!

Email: Greta_Yin@ccm.al.intel.com

Brent Stuntzner

Brent's an excellent blues guitarist, a great guy, and a terrific student with a highly positive attitude. We crossed paths originally in 1995. Brent's also a rapidly improving jazz player, thanks in large part to his transcribing efforts, centering on Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, and Wes. He plans to use his woodcrafting talent to build guitars.

Website: www.stuntzner.brent.org

Steve Moss

Steve favors the acoustic guitar for most of his work. A student of jazz guitar with a classical background, we've spent the majority of our lesson time over the past couple of years arranging standards for solo fingerstyle guitar. He's a great guy, a fine player, and is one of Vision Music's most loyal website supporters. Thanks, Steve!

Email: steve_moss@mentorg.com

Colin Johnson

Sometimes I feel that Colin and I crossed paths in a past life. A fellow writer and web author, he's a solid blues guitarist who's been working with me for some time now. Colin's put together a superb website devoted exclusively to the blues and, like his coach, offers lessons by mail. Check him out!

Website: www.bluesguitarist.org

If I had any regrets in putting this page together, it's that I couldn't do a full feature on every student, though I take great pride in not favoring anyone. The players above were selected on the basis of professional ability and longevity in working with me. Even at that, I unfortunately had to exclude some fine guitarists, bassists, and loyal students from the "Hall of Fame" and "Local All-Stars." For those excluded (or "camera shy"):

"Honorable Mention"

Chris Cobb, Dave Dee, Dave Rivera, Michael Robinson, Lou Curri, Jeanine Strobel, David O'Neill, Jack Lorton, Anthony Alosi, Rick Ross, Robbie Boissiere, John Kowalski, Doug Russell, Charles Cunningham, David Duenas, Troy Gusick, Danny Gann, Rusty Powers, Nick Saenguraiporn, Chris Carlson, Charlie Martinson, Pete West, Ross Toppell, Brian Gherning, and Todd Krupa.

You've met the Coach. You've met the team. Now VISIT VISION MUSIC.

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