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Note: The short II-V example featured above is just one lick of many that proliferate each chapter of the "Swing Blues: Doorway to Jazz" course, plus the tunes, comping, solos, etc. More samples below.

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Recommended Jam Tracks for this Lick...


C Jam Blues | Take the 'A' Train | Rhythm Changes

There are almost 200 track selections, like those above, at our Jam Central Station page. Each lesson in the "Swing Blues: Doorway to Jazz" course has a corresponding online track for student application.

Tenor Madness    Student Demo

To witness the effectiveness of this course, and the way the material dovetails with the site resources, click on the two links above. The first is a lesson demonstration of the Sonny Rollins classic, while the second, courtesy of guitarist and LBM member, Spencer Seidel, is an example of a student playing the tune against the track at the jam page, toggling off the keys and adding a second, rhythm guitar.



More "Audio-Only" Samples from this Course...


Duke ala Wes    Parker to Benson    Bird's Blues    Joe Pass    Herb Ellis

The highlights above are just some random samples from different chapters in the Swing Blues wing. There are numerous artists represented in addition to those listed above. To hear audio clips of the coach and author playing jazz and other styles, visit the Guitar Talk pages.



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